1. Please make yourself familiar with my rates before contacting me.
  2. My rates are non-negotiable. Thank you for respecting them.
  3. My reward is kindly expected at the very beginning of our meeting (e.i. within the first 15 mins), full amount discreetly handed-over in an unsealed envelope or in a gift bag.
  4. I do arrange meetings only via e-mail, so please do not request my phone number before we have agreed with the basics. E-mail helps to protect both my and your privacy
  5. Before we meet, I need to know the city/hotel, date and duration
  6. I accept meetings only in 5* hotels or nice homes (after agreement)
  7. What I do not accept is a client, who is drunk, rude or arrogant or has an imperfect hygiene
  8. You are responsible for making travel arrangements for me, that means buying a flight ticket or sending an adequate amount to me so I can book it.
  9. I do not require any deposits. However, you may be asked to transfer here stated travel expenses if the destination of our meeting requires it