Riby Rose

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Are you independent or is this an escort agency?

   I'm 100% independent and have never been affiliated with an agency. I don't have a booking agent, a receptionist, or a handler. I'm the only person answering your emails and phone calls, and I take your privacy very seriously!

Is this safe? How do I know you're real? Can I trust you with my personal information?

    I am a very well-established companion in Montreal and Toronto with consistently glowing reviews on all major review sites (Google my name if you don't believe me!) 

Are your photos accurate?

    Yes. I don't alter my photos at all, other than to crop them or to cover the face.

Do you have shower facilities for me to use?

   Yes, absolutely! I have a well- stocked bathroom with lots of fluffy towels.!

Can I bring something for you to wear?

   Absolutely! We can Discuss through email or a phone call

Can I bring us something to drink?

  Yes please! I am not a fan of heavy reds or sweet whites.

Can I bring you flowers or a gift? 

   I really love receiving gifts, but in the interest of keeping my incall discreet, I ask that you please don't arrive openly carrying flowers or anything else that might hint to the nature of our meeting. If you are arriving with wine or a gift, I greatly appreciate you bringing it in a discreet, nondescript bag. Thank you!

Is it okay if I wear cologne?

   Yes please, I absolutely LOVE the smell of a sexy cologne on a man

Can I make a special request for our time together?

     Absolutely! During the booking process, please feel free to let me know if there is anything specific you'd like. Let me know at any time what I can do to make you more comfortable.

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